Some Known Details About Termite Control Kits

How Termite Control Liquid can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

So for anyone purchasing a few litres of substance they intend on squirting around the lawn, theyre going to be in for a shock once they realise the structural integrity of the homes have been jeopardized by termites.

Another important component that most homeowners are unaware of is the strength of the chemicals being used. Professional pest control technicians use substances which have undergone rigorous testing and development to ensure they are set at a certain mix rate that provides maximum impact, whilst remaining safe for the occupants of the home and of course for its environment. .

Over the counter products available to the general public contain a rate of active ingredient, just as a security precaution. This means you call for a good deal more of the product. This essentially defeats the purpose of trying to save money as you need twice as much product. .

So in summary, whilst cheaper alternatives might appear financially appealing, there's also a large reduction in the level of protection a do-it-yourself application provides when compared to a professionally installed system.



8 Easy Facts About Termite Control License Described

There are a number of different DIY treatments available onThe marketplace at the moment, but they all use the identical form of repellent chemical foundation. Repellents, unlike termiticides are designed to deter termites rather than kill them. While this in theory sounds like it would be an effective outcome (to deter the termites away from the house ), in fact its much less efficient. .

Termites will eventually find another way into the house as termites will simply manoeuvre around or under the treated region as they can find it

Termiticides used by professional pest control experts however, (such as Termidor) are undetectable by termites who pass through the chemical. Within a period of 1-2 weeks, thousands of termites pass through the treated zone, and therefore are unknowingly affected by the pesticide. The effects of the pesticides can also be passed between the termites themselves, which results in the chemical eventually being returned to the main nest, in which the entire colony is exterminated. .

Another important element is the sheer amount of volume needed sites in order to protect a house. A professionally applied termite barrier can use in excess of 600 litres of product to make an impenetrable boundary around the perimeter of an ordinary size 3 bedroom home.  When you compare this to the quantity of the majority of DIY goods, which are usually sold in 1-2 litre bottles, it will become apparent why the amount of protection provided by an at home application is obviously inadequate. .

Keep in mind that a chemical termite barrier installed by an experienced professional also original site comes with an 8 year protection warranty. On the counter products wont.



The Termite Control Liquid Statements

Professional pest controllers use the latest in tooling and equipment to ensure proper application of the item. One particular tool technicians utilize is known as a barrier rig. Barrier rigs use a pressurised method to inject the product into the soil, often at rates of up to 80psi to ensure complete saturation of their intended zone. .

Compounds are injected deep into the ground, in which they're designed to bind with the soil so it doesnt simply wash away during rain.

Obviously most homeowners wont are able to do this and end up only spraying chemicals on the outside, or against the wall edge, rather than deep down into the soil in which termites exist.

In summary, pest control is best left to the professionals. Bunnings, is likely best to get recommended you read a sausage sanga and a coke.



The 15-Second Trick For Termite Control License

When you have concerns about potential termite infestations in your home, then make sure you give us a call. Dont try cutting corners using cheap inferior products that have the potential to cause risks to your family, and leave your home unprotected.



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In Allstate Pest Control we all understand the importance of ensuring our Builder Clients reputation isnt damaged by termite attack and also the need for priority access to support to keep the construction process running smoothly.

We've got a committed Pre-Construction Division headed up by Aaron Thompson a Licensed Contractor with a carpentry trade, construction supervision experience and also a Complete Pest Controllers License giving you peace of mind we understand what you need.



The 45-Second Trick For Termite Control Kits

We understand termite behavior and South Australian construction methods. We have been safely and effectively protecting South Australian houses in termite attack for over two decades. To safeguard these houses and industrial project we utilize a range of premium products and application methods to ensure the Termite Management Systems installed gives your client to best protection possible.

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